This is Slave shit

if you wanna fly then why are you still down here?

if everything is fine, then why are you sad?

Why have a life and not be alive?

Why have a mind and not be mindful?

Your a Slave. And this is slave shit.

Work until your brain split!


Everybody crippled by anxiety

some burn through the madness

some fall through the cracks

Challenging the Status Quo

standing hand-to-hand as one clan

questioning the masterplan

yet failing to understand

the meaning of life is more than pebbles and sand


i should’ve used this brain more when i was a kid

now it’s all tainted with distress and shit

trying to conjure up words that rhyme with quo

my brain’s all muddled up like a scientology film by Louis Theroux

I don’t want your elixir

I don’t walk in the shadow of my father

i don’t follow the footsteps of my mother

i will not tamed

i will not be have

i am








when i cry, i remember you

If i ever forget you, i forget my Soul,

You can keep it, for it is yours to keep after all,

When the torment returns, my tears remember you

and then i return to you again

When i come to you, the whole world comes with you

and at that time, my deprivation from your love may end

i wonder if i’ll ever meet you, i wonder if you’ll ever set me free

you grow from the inside,

you destroy from the inside,

you flow from the inside,

you kill from the inside

You are me, I am You

One Love

Everything is going to be fine. BE HAPPY. Stay optimistic.

The world is round

The wheel is round

The sun is round

The moon is round


Marriage rings are round

Turbans are round

Roti’s are round

Your eyes through which you see the world is round!

Things pass.

Nothing stays the same forever,

you will get over it.